Tentative dates for upcoming club season!

(9/30/17) We are extremely excited to bring everyone the 24th club season for the Lakeshore Storm!  Tentative dates for the upcoming season are:

October 29, 2017: Orientation at Manitowoc Wilson…1pm-2pm (doors open at 1pm…meeting starting soon afterward)
November 1, 2017: Open Gym @ (location TBA)
November 5, 2017: Coaches meeting
November 8, 2017: Open Gym @ UW Manitowoc
November 12, 2017: TRYOUTS
December 17, 2017: Scrimmage Sunday
January 28, 2018: Storm Tourney #1
March 4, 2018: Storm Tourney #2
March 17-18, 2018: BADGER REGION (12′s, 13′s, 16′s)
March 24-25, 2018: BADGER REGION (14′s, 15′s)
April 7-8, 2018: BADGER REGION (17′s, 18′s)

(9/10/17) Mark your calendar!  The Lakeshore Storm kickoff informational meeting is set for Sunday, October 29th from 1pm – 2pm to be held in the Manitowoc Wilson Auditorium.  At the meeting, we’ll discuss the expectations of players for the upcoming season and expectations of parents, as well.  In addition, we’ll lay out exactly what can be expected from us as a club.  We are extremely excited for our 24th season as a volleyball club serving families in the Manitowoc area!

(9/6/17) The new LAKESHORE STORM 2017-18 FLYER has been released.  Click for information on upcoming tryouts, player fees, and other information about the upcoming Club volleyball season.

Allison Berg rises high above the net and pounds it down at last year’s Badger Region Championships in Milwaukee!

(8/13/17) The Lakeshore Storm Board of Directors will be meeting to lay the groundwork for what should be a tremendous 2017/18 volleyball season.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.  November is just a few months away!

On April 9th, 16Blue added one more medal to their already impressive total for the 2017 season!

(6/23/17) BEACH VOLLEYBALL THIS JULY!  The EVP Tour will be having a beach volleyball tournament this coming July for adults and juniors.  Sounds like a tremendous event and it is another great way for players to get more touches on the ball in the off-season.  Click below for flyer on the event.


(6/12/17) LOCAL VOLLEYBALL CAMPS……With the 2016-17 volleyball season officially over, ladies have a tremendous opportunity during the summer to start improving their games.  Part of that work will involve play through school teams (open gyms, contact days etc.) and part may also involve going to camps.  To the best of our knowledge, here is a list of some of the local camps girls may participate in:
*JUNE 19-23 Valders & Reedsville
*JULY 11-14  Brillion  Grades 4-6 (8am-10am)  Grades 7-9 (9:30am-12:30pm)
*JULY 17-20  Manitowoc Lutheran
*JULY 18-20  Manitowoc Roncalli  Grades 4-6 (9am-10:30am)  Grades 7-9 (11am-1pm)
*JULY 24-27  Reedsville
*JULY 24-27  Manitowoc Lincoln  Grades 4-6 (10am-11:30am)  Grades 7-12 (12pm-5pm)  All Grades (5:30pm-7pm)

The summer is often the time where girls can focus on their individual skills to best prepare for the 2017-18 season.  November will be here before you know it!

(4/10/17) WRAPPING UP THE SEASON    The 16Blue went undefeated last Sunday and added their name to the 2017 Medalist List yet one more time.  They never dropped a set as they took home their 4th Gold Medal of the season and 6th Medal overall.  Incredible work ladies!

(4/8/17) We have three teams involved in late season action this weekend.  Both 14′s teams, 14Blues and the 14Whites are headed to UWWhitewater for their last tournament of the 2016/17 season while the 16Blues head down to Milwaukee to play in the JR Red Knight Classic.  Let’s hope we add a few more to the 2016/17 Medalist List!

(3/29/17) The Badger Region Championship SCHEDULE for 4/1/17 and 4/2/17 was just released and posted for the 12Blues and 18Blues.

(3/23/17) The Badger Region Championship SCHEDULE for 3/25/17 and 3/26/17 was just released and posted for the 13Blues and Whites…and 15Blues and Whites.

(3/21/17) The 16Blues took 3rd out of 32 teams in Milwaukee this weekend at the Badger Region Championships.  It was a tremendous showing versus some very competitive teams.  Congratulations coaches and players!  In Menasha, the 15Blues took 3rd out of 12 teams taking on some of the elite teams in the area.

(3/13/17) The first waves at the Badger Region Championships are occurring this coming weekend at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee.  This is the 14′s and 16′s weekend, therefore, the 14Blues14Whites16Blues, and 16Whites will all make their way down for the two day event.  Stay tuned to see how they do!  Click here for information on the event from Badger Region.

(3/7/17) It was a HUGE weekend for the Lakeshore Storm this past weekend as Storm teams both in Manitowoc and outside Manitowoc added their names to the 2017 MEDALIST LIST.  The 13Blues went 5-0 en route to their first championship of the season while the 18Blues did the same in their tournament.  Also, at Lakeshore Storm II, the 15Blues went 4-1 and took home a their 5th medal of the 2017 season.  In Waukesha, the 16Blues ALSO went 5-0 taking home the Gold.  It was was their 3rd championship and 5th medal of the 2017, as well.  Last, but not least, the 14Blues didn’t drop a set as they wiped away the competition down in Pleasant Prairie and took home their 2nd championship of 2017.  Outstanding work coaches and players!

(3/5/17) TODAY will be our second home tournament of the season.  The 13Blues13Whites15Blues15Whites, and 18Blues will all be in action at the JFK Fieldhouse in Manitowoc.  Come out for some great volleyball, great concessions, and a great time as we hope to add several more to the 2017 MEDALIST LIST.  Click above for tournament information.(2/28/17) A huge THANK YOU goes out to all CAMP participants this year and to Stacy Schweppe and John Decker for making it happen.  We had excellent turnout and participation and we’ll be looking forward to seeing some of the same girls wearing the Storm blue in upcoming years!

(2/22/17) We are in store for one of our biggest weekends of the season as NINE Lakeshore Storm teams will be taking the floor, hoping to add their name to the 2017 MEDALIST LIST.  Go to each team’s Tournament/Scores Page to find out who is going where…

(2/18/17) TWO Lakeshore Storm teams are in action this weekend….the 13Blue’s travels down to Waukesha for the Penguin Freeze and the 18Blue’s make their way to Menasha for the FCElite Invite Tournament.  Let’s hope we add a few more medals to our growing 2017 MEDALIST LIST!

(2/14/17) FOUR Lakeshore Storm teams were medalists this past weekend.  The 14Blues took home the Silver in Waukesha.  The 15Blues survived several difficult 3 set matches to take home the Silver at UWWhitewater, the 16Blues took home the Silver in Oshkosh, and lastly, the 14Whites played very well and took home the Silver out of 12 teams at UWWhitewater.  All played extremely well and raised the Lakeshore Storm medal count to 14 this season!

(2/9/17) PAY YOUR FEE!  For those who haven’t done so, ALL PLAYERS must make sure they have their entire fee paid to the Lakeshore Storm by tomorrow…Friday, February 10th.  If players have an outstanding balance, players may be prohibited from practices or tournaments.  SEND CHECKS HERE.

(2/6/17) 3 Storm teams earn medals this weekend!  The 18Blues16Whitesand 15Blues all earned their way onto the 2017 MEDALIST LIST with great showings this past weekend.  The 16Whites won four straight matches before falling in the Championship in Menasha and the 15Blues went 3-1 in Waukesha, including a thrilling come-from-behind 3 set match in the semi-finals, to finish 2nd Place and finish with their third medal of the year.  Plus, on Saturday, the 18Blues won several matches and took home a Silver Medal in Waukesha.  It was another great weekend for Storm teams.

(1/30/17) The 14Blue and 16Blue Lakeshore Storm teams mowed through the competition in their respective tournaments in Manitowoc yesterday as both wound up taking home the Gold medal without losing a set.  It was a tremendous showing by both teams as they continue to set the stage for big things later on this season.  Also performing well and winning multiple matches were the 14Whites and 16Whites…the 14Whites taking third place overall and the 16Whites taking second in the Silver Division.  Scores will be posted later today.

(1/23/17) Next Sunday, we’ll have our first home tournament of the 2017 season.  We are working through a few kinks in the schedule, but, will be finished tomorrow morning.  Both the match schedule and parent work schedule for the Lakeshore Storm I Tournament will be released tomorrow.

(1/23/17) The 15Blues took home another medal as they won four matches and took 2nd Place in a tough Fondy Freeze Tournament yesterday.  They grinded their way to the Championship match through several tough three-set victories before running out of gas toward the end.  It was a great showing, however, and is their second appearance on the 2017 MEDALIST LIST.

(1/20/17) FOUR Lakeshore Storm teams will take the court this coming Sunday.  The 13Blues and 15Blues will try and add another medal to their totals for the season, while the 12Blues and 13Whites take the floor for the first time of season.

(1/15/17) Three different Lakeshore Storm teams competed for championships today!  Both the 15Blues and 16Blues took home Gold Medals as the 15-Blues went undefeated en route to the title and the 16-Blues avenged an earlier loss in the tournament to win the championship match in three sets.  In addition, the 14-Blues won four matches but lost a close championship match to take home a Silver Medal.  Go to each teams’ tournament schedule/score page for results.  It was a tremendous second weekend for the Lakeshore Storm Volleyball Club!  Go to the 2017 Medalist List for the list of the teams that competed for championships in 2017.

(1/12/17) CAMP Groups and sessions have now been announced and are posted. Great turnout of some very talented future Storm players!

(1/10/17) The 13Blues took home a Silver Medal the first weekend competing in their first tournament of the season in Oshkosh.  It sets the stage for good things to come this season!  The 16Whites were also in action in Pleasant Prairie as they fought through several tough, 3-set matches.

(1/8/17) CAMP begins today!  The Lakeshore Storm 8 week volleyball camp is set to begin today at Jefferson Elementary at 9:20am.

(1/7/17)  FIRST SERVE in the 2017 tournament season is hit this coming Sunday as the 13Blue team heads to Oshkosh and the 16White team makes their way to Pleasant Prairie.  It’s going to be a tremendous 2017 season and make sure you follow each team’s pages for SCORES and PICTURES!

(12/29/17) Practices have been scheduled through February 12th, 2017 and posted.  Parents and players should note which practice sites needed to be used on each day.

(12/27/16) An abbreviated Scoretakers Clinic (that was canceled due to weather several weeks ago) has been added for Sunday from 1:15pm-1:45pm for girls that are at Lincoln practicing.  WIth tournaments right around the corner, we have to get it done.  Girls that are not able to make it to the clinic on Sunday will have to be trained by other means…the Board is discussing how that will occur.

BADGER REGION Scoring tutorials

(12/25/16) Merry Christmas from the entire Lakeshore Storm family!  Teams should be watching the website daily as coaches try and schedule practices around the holidays.

(12/20/16) Information regarding the 2017 Lakeshore Storm VBC CAMP has been posted to the website.  Camp is for girls or boys ages 7-14 who are not playing on a Club team this season but still look to improve their skills.  Click on 2017 Camp for more information.

(12/19/16) A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to all coaches, parents, and players for their flexibility yesterday and getting to the practice facilities they were moved to.  Also, thanks to Jerry Baeckman for running around making sure everyone had their apparel delivered to each site!

With the holidays coming up, teams will need to be watching the website as, more than likely, coaches will be scheduling practices during “off-Sunday” hours in the next few weeks.

(12/18/16) All apparel ordered through Lakeshore Screen Priniting SHOULD be at your practice site today.  If not, it should be picked up directly from Lakeshore Screen Printing during the week.

(12/17/16) NOTICE to all Storm parents and players that the PRACTICE SCHEDULE for tomorrow, December 18th will be altered given we no longer have Manitowoc Lincoln available to us.  We are trying to get different venues that will still allow teams to practice at roughly the same time…however, practice times may be changed a little bit.

*ALSO, given the circumstances, we are postponing the scoretaker’s clinic until further notice.  Players are still encouraged to listen to the tutorials hyperlinked yesterday.

We hope to have this completely dealt with this morning.  We appreciate your patience and understanding!

(12/16/16) One of the requirements of ALL TEAMS when they play tournaments through Badger Region is that they provide ‘officials’ to help referee matches they’re not playing in.  That will involve line judging, scoring, paperwork, and (at times) providing a Secondary Down Official.  It is imperative that all girls understand the requirements going into tournament play next month.  Sunday, the Lakeshore Storm Club will provide training for all players starting at 12pm.  In addition, there are some very good tutorials on the Badger Region website that give instruction, as well.

BADGER REGION Scoring tutorials

When you watch the tutorials, you do NOT have to ‘receive credit’ for them…you may watch the videos without doing so.

(12/12/16) Despite some inclement weather, we had a tremendous event yesterday with over 6 hours of scrimmages between over 20 teams.  A big thank you to the Lakeshore Storm Board for making the event happen despite a few bumps in the road.  Also, thank you to the coaches for being flexible and stepping into slots to fill vacancies.  Last, but not least, a huge thank you to the parents who braved the weather, worked where they needed to work, and made the event a success.  Great work everyone!

(12/9/16) Lakeshore Storm events have always been successful in the past due to the tremendous effort put in by our parents.  We will need that same level of dedication on Sunday as we’ll be hosting hundred of families and Lakeshore Storm teams get some live scrimmaging to prepare for January.  Parent WORK SCHEDULE is now posted.

NOTE: Parents are NOT required to bring in baked goods or bagged fruit for the Scrimmages this year.  Thanks to all parents for their efforts and we’re looking forward to a tremendous event on Sunday!

(12/7/16) The Scrimmage Sunday Match Schedule has been posted.  Click HERE for what should be a very exciting day!  We’re expecting hundreds of players and spectators for the event…should be a great way to get ready for the 2017 season!