Countdown to TRYOUTS: 22 days!

(10/20/14) Mark your calendars!  THIS COMING SUNDAY, October 26th (Noon) in the Wilson Jr. High Auditorium 1201 N 11th St. Manitowoc is a parent/player Informational meeting.  At this meeting, we’ll be giving the long view of what is to be expected this upcoming volleyball season and explain why you should be a member of the Lakeshore Storm!  We believe this meeting will be helpful in answering questions about the upcoming season, however, it is not a requirement to try out for a Lakeshore Storm club team.

(10/5/14) Now that we’ve hit October, the countdown to tryouts begins.  The Lakeshore Storm looks forward to our best season yet in 2014-15!   Click here for our 2014-15 flyer which contains information about what is needed for TRYOUTS on November 16th and the 2014-15 season.  ***NOTE: The section referencing how to ‘Pre-Register for Tryouts’ has a typo….#1 states that the tryout membership through Badger Region is $25….it SHOULD be listed as $10.  Please make note of it.

*FLASHBACK!  The 16-1′s had a strong year winning several championships and finishing strong at the Badger Region Championships.161BadgerRegion2014(38)

*FLASHBACK!  Part of the Storm experience is also relaxing and enjoying the days with your teammates as the 15-1′s did last January.151tourneypic01051414

(9/20/14)  Outlook outstanding for this season….. Based upon players, parents, and coach responses last season, the changes that were made vastly improved the experience for all Lakeshore Storm participants.  We are not willing to stop there, however.  It is our commitment to build upon that improvement and to strive for, as a club, that next level of success.  In the 2013-14 season, we saw 7 teams compete for tournament championships (several did so multiple times).  We would like to increase that number this season.  Therefore, we will be committing to additional skills clinics and additional practices hours being available to coaches for the 2014-15 season.  This is a very exciting time to be a Lakeshore Storm player or coach…and things only look as if they’ll get better.

(8/13/14)  TENTATIVE DATES for the upcoming 2014-15 season have been set.  Any changes will be made as soon as possible and will be posted immediately.

October 26th, 2014: Parent/Player Informational meeting @ Manitowoc Wilson (12:00pm)
November 10th, 2014: Coaches meeting @ MPSD offices (6:30pm)
November 16th, 2014: TRYOUTS….(morning session) 12′s, 14′s, 16′s: Registration 8:30am-9:30am; skills 9:30am-12:00pm….(afternoon session) 13′s, 15′s, 17′s, 18′s: Registration 12:00pm – 1:00pm; skills 1:00pm – 3:30pm
November 23rd, 2014: Practice begins
December 14th, 2014: Scrimmage invitational (pending facility availability)
January 4th, 2015: Tournaments typically begin for some teams?
February 1st, 2015:  First Home Tournament @ Manitowoc Lincoln (ages TBD)
March 1st, 2015:  Second Home Tournament @ Manitowoc Lincoln (ages TBD)
March 14/15, 2015:  Badger Region Tournament (13′s, 15′s, 16′s)
April 11/12, 2015:  Badger Region Tournament (12′s, 14′s, 17′s, 18′s)

(7/8/14) There is a slight shift to personnel within the Board with Jerry Baeckman taking over as Club Director and Matt Berg taking over as Club President for the 2014-15 season.  Pam Erickson, who served as Club Director last season, is staying on as an at-large board member.