13Blue and 14Blue both win medals this weekend!

(2/19/18) 13Blue and 14Blue continued their streak this weekend as the 13Blue team went undefeated and took home their first Gold Medal of the season and the 14Blue squad took home the Silver.  Great work coaches and players!

13Blue takes home their first Gold Medal of the season by going undefeated in Oshkosh this weekend!

14Blue takes home yet another medal in Waukesha this past weekend!

(2/16/18) 13Blue and 14Blue look to continue their successful play this weekend as 13Blue travels to Oshkosh on Saturday and 14Blue makes their way to Waukesha on Sunday.  Both teams have a combined 25 wins this season and look to build upon their recent momentum.  Good luck ladies!

The 13Blue squad travels to Oshkosh this weekend to hopefully add to their win total.

(2/11/18) 14Blue takes 2nd out of 16 teams!  The 14Blue squad went 4-1 on Saturday losing a heart-breaker 14-16 in the Championship match.  It was another tremendous showing as the 14Blue team continues to impress.  Well done ladies!

14Blue took 2nd out of 16 teams in Fond du Lac on February 10th.

(2/10/18) Three teams in action this weekend!  There are three teams in action this weekend as the 14Blue and 15White squads will be headed to Fond du Lac and Oshkosh, respectively, on Saturday.  The 14White team will make their way to Waukesha on Sunday.  Good luck coaches and ladies!

This weekend, the 14Blue team will look to continue the momentum they gained at Wisconsin Dells a few weekends ago.

(2/7/18) CAMP moved to Franklin Elementary this weekend.  Due to a facility conflict this Sunday, we are having to move the Lakeshore Storm CAMP from Jefferson Elementary to Franklin Elementary located at 800 South 35th Street in Manitowoc.  Times all remain the same, just a switch in location.

(2/5/18) 13Blue racking up the medals!  The 13Blue squad went 4-1 this past weekend and received yet another medal for their efforts in Waukesha.  Great job coaches and players!

The 13Blue squad has been on a medal streak since the beginning of the season!

(2/5/18) Another weekend, another Storm Championship!  The bad weather this weekend didn’t keep the 15Blue squad from making their way to Green Bay and winning their first title of the season.  Great job coaches and ladies!

The 15Blue squad took home the Gold in Green Bay!

(2/3/18) Five Lakeshore Storm teams look to build upon the Storm momentum gained last weekend.  On Saturday, the 16White squad will be in Milton…while 13Blue, 15Blue, 16Blue, and 17Blue will be scattered around the state on Sunday.  13Blue and 17Blue will be in Waukesha and 16Blue looks to stay undefeated in UWWhitewater.  The 15Blue team will head north to Ashwaubenon.  Good luck ladies!