Scrimmage Sunday around the corner!

(11/27/15) We are looking forward to hosting our second annual ‘Scrimmage Sunday’ on December 13th when Lakeshore Storm teams scrimmage against various teams from around the area.  These scrimmages provide invaluable experience to the girls in preparation for tournament play in January.  Stay tuned as more is posted.

Practice continues this Sunday as we look forward to our second annual Scrimmage Sunday on December 13th when all Lakeshore Storm teams will have organized scrimmages.
Last year at the inaugural event, over 20 different teams participated as each Lakeshore Storm team participated in close to 3 hours of invaluable live scrimmage time.  We are expecting even more this year!

(11/23/15) We had a great start to the season yesterday and we appreciate the parents and players making sure they had their money paid and Commitment Sheets filled out.  The SECOND week of practice has just been scheduled and posted on each team’s Practice page.(11/20/15) A few things regarding first practice on 11/22/15….

1) BEFORE Sunday, make sure that all Lakeshore Storm players have gone back into their USAV Webpoint account and updated to a full membership (this will cost $40).  Also, check your team’s practice page to check for each team’s practice times.

ON SUNDAY at practice, make sure you bring to your coach the completedCommitment Sheet for 2016 which indicates what weekends you, as a player canNOT play in tournaments.  ALL coaches will be putting in for tournaments next week!

While you’re at practice, make sure you try on a uniform and give your preferred size to the people by the sizing table and give your PAYMENT to the payment table.

(11/18/15) The Lakeshore Storm is putting the finishing touches on the initial process of establishing team rosters.  There are still a few phone calls that may need to be made….and when coaches DO get commitments and finalize rosters, names will be listed under each team’s roster page.

(11/16/15)  A big “thank you” to all girls that tried out for the Lakeshore Storm this year…we had high quality group of girls attend and we believe we have a lot of good things to look for this season!  Remember that the team formulation often takes several days to complete and therefore, girls may not receive a call right away.  Be patient and keep watching the website.

REMINDER to all players that when you commit to the Lakeshore Storm club, you must go back into your USAV account, upgrade to a ‘full membership’ (instead of a tryout membership), pay the additional $40, AND choose Lakeshore Storm as your club of choice!

(11/15/15) Now that you’ve tried out, the equally difficult task of waiting to hear whether or not you’ve made a team.  Coaches do everything in their power to let girls know as soon as possible, however, there are times (depending on the number of girls “holding”) where it may take several days to sort all teams out.  If you are called and offered a position, you may “accept” meaning you are taking the position, “decline” meaning you do not want the position, or “hold” meaning you are thinking about it.  It should be understood that positions offered that are “held” may be rescinded at any time before the player contacts the coach back.  Our goal is to try and get teams filled as soon as possible so girls can prepare for what’s upcoming.

Stay tuned to the website this week as we start laying things out for practice which begins next Sunday.

(11/15/15) Tryouts are today at the Manitowoc Lincoln Fieldhouse on 9th Street in Manitowoc.  Registration begins at 8:30am (for some age groups)…see HERE for more information.

Girls who are trying out for more than one age group -OR- during an ‘off-time’ session due to timing conflicts need to be clear with the registration table regarding which team they are trying out for.  Girls trying out for more than one age group must pay TWO facility fees.  We’re expecting a lot of girls today, so, it helps us out if you have all your paperwork in order.  Good luck!

(11/12/15) Make sure your daughter is ready for tryouts on Sunday including having the necessary paperwork!  Samples of the paperwork can be found HERE or on the Badger Region Website under ‘forms’.  Before tryouts begin, all girls must be registered through Badger Region/USAV Volleyball and have paid the $10 fee (online) to get a tryout membership.

ON SUNDAY, Players should have the ‘Player Information for Tryouts’, ‘Medical Release Form w/o Notary’, and ‘Athlete/Parent Concussion Agreement’ stapled together in that order.  Players will give the paperwork to the people at the registration table along with the $25 facility fee written out to ‘Lakeshore Storm Volleyball Club’.  Girls will be given a tryout t-shirt and can start warming up.

It’s going to be an exciting day and we look forward to seeing everyone there!  GO STORM!

(11/9/15) We are planning one last pre-tryout open gym for this Wednesday (11/11) from 6pm – 9pm.  Younger, more inexperienced players will be open from 6pm – 7pm while the gym will be open from 7pm – 9pm for the older, more experienced players.  Again, the sessions will be held at Clarkbridge Hall in Manitowoc.  We only have the one court available but will do our best to accommodate everyone who shows up to play. Tryout sessions this coming SUNDAY!

(11/5/15) A huge night at open gym on Wednesday when nearly 40 players showed up to get ready for tryouts on the 15th.  It is looking to be a big year for the Lakeshore Storm!  Stay tuned for more information as tryouts approach.

(11/1/15) We are planning another open gym for this Wednesday (11/4) from 6pm – 9pm.  Younger, more inexperienced players will be open from 6pm – 7pm while the gym will be open from 7pm – 9pm for the older, more experienced players.  Again, the sessions will be held at Clarkbridge Hall in Manitowoc.  We only have the one court available but will do our best to accommodate everyone who shows up to play.  Down to two weeks until tryouts!

(10/29/15) We had a surprisingly large turnout of girls for last night’s open gym.  Despite being put together on such short notice, over 20 girls showed up from ages across the spectrum.  Thanks to all girls who participated.  Stay posted regarding open gyms being conducted next week.

(10/28/15) We are having an open gym TONIGHT (Wednesday) starting at 6pm (potentially running until 8pm..depending on the number of girls there) at Clarkbridge Hall in Manitowoc.  This is being held for players of all ages looking to try out for the Lakeshore Storm Club teams on November 15th.  The court is available to work on individual skills as well as live play.  Participants should bring $2 to help cover the costs of the court.

(10/23/15) Tryouts are about 3 weeks away for the 22nd Lakeshore Storm season.  Make sure you are ready!

Lakeshore Storm Brochure 2015-16

(10/19/15) We had our first event of the 2015/16 season this past weekend as we met with over 130 parents and players interested in participating with the Lakeshore Storm this upcoming season.  The slideshow that was presented is linked in our “forms” portion of the website (right hand sidebar) and can be accessed at any time.  It was extremely well attended and adds to the already growing momentum for an extremely successful club season!

(9/27/15) We are less than two months away from tryouts for the Lakeshore Storm.  Keep tabs on important information as the Storm club looks to continue building on last year’s success!

(8/25/15) The upcoming 2015-16 volleyball season was discussed at last week’s Board meeting and tentative dates were established.  The extremely successful season from 2014-15 is expected to bring even more girls in for tryouts, making us even more competitive than last year…which would be spectacular.  TENTATIVE dates are:

September 27, 2015: Lakeshore Storm Board Meeting at MPSD (6:30pm)
October 18, 2015: Parent Orientation
November 8, 2015: Storm Coaches Meeting at MPSD  6pm
November 15, 2015: TRYOUTS!  2 sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon
November 22, 2015: Practices begin
December 13, 2015: 2nd annual “Storm Scrimmages” at Manitowoc Lincoln
January 2, 2016: Tournaments begin across the state
January 31, 2016: First Home Tournament at Manitowoc Lincoln (ages TBA)
March 6, 2016: Second Home Tournament at Manitowoc Lincoln (ages TBA)
March 11-13, 2016: Badger Region Tournament – Session #1
March 18-20, 2016: Badger Region Tournament – Session #2