Match and parent work schedule released

(1/26/15) Both the February 1st home tournament match schedule and parent work schedule has now been released.  These home tournaments are a big revenue generator for the Club and one of the reasons why the Lakeshore Storm Volleyball Club has been able to keep their fees so low compared to other clubs.  The Club needs parents to be involved to help the event run smoothly.  It will be imperative that ALL parents help with their one event (whether it is February 1st or March 1st).  As always, we are excited for the events and look forward to a great showing by Lakeshore Storm teams.

(1/26/15) All three teams in action yesterday wound up winning multiple matches. Three teams brought home multiple wins yesterday as both the 15-1′s and 16-1′s took third overall in the tournament and the 16-2′s won the silver bracket in Waukesha.  Great job ladies!

*Claire Swoboda swings hard at a serve during the 12-1′s first tournament a few Sundays ago.

*The 16-1′s celebrate a stuff during pool play last Sunday.

(1/21/15) The practice schedule through March 1st has been released and is posted on each team’s individual practice page.  It is in the process of being uploaded to the calendar.

(1/19/15) Lakeshore Storm teams rack up match victories at numerous different venues yesterday as some teams played their third tournament of the season while others were playing their first.  The 13-1′s and 16-1′s each went 4-1 in match play and won the silver bracket(s) in Green Bay and Fond du Lac (respectively).  The 14-2′s reached the gold bracket and took third place overall as they also won several matches.  We will post the results and tournament pictures for all teams playing this past weekend (12-1′s and 17-1′s were also in action) as soon as they’re submitted.

(1/15/15) Another big weekend of tournaments!  Five teams will be in action this coming weekend including several playing their first of the year.  The 12-1′s, 16-1′s, and 17-1′s will be traveling to either Oshkosh or Fond du Lac and stepping foot onto the court for the first time in 2015.  The 13-1′s and 14-2′s will both be playing their third tournament in what has been an already very busy season.  Follow the team pages for schedule, results and pictures from the tournament(s).

(1/13/15) 14-1′s and 17/18′s bring home the gold!  The 14-1′s and 17/18′s were crowned champions this past weekend both going 5-0 throughout their tournaments.   They are the first two teams listed on on our LIST OF CHAMPIONS for 2015.  Congratulations to both teams!  Also in action, the 13-1′s, 14-2′s, and 16-2′s were all multiple match winners in their respective tournaments.   The 15-2′s also brought home a match victory on Saturday.  It was a great weekend for Lakeshore Storm volleyball.

(1/10/15) We have a big weekend set for tournaments as six Lakeshore Storm teams will be competing and hopefully be added to this year’s LIST OF CHAMPIONS.  Stay tuned to the individual team pages as today the 15-2′s play in their second tournament of the season.  Tomorrow, the 13-1′s, 14-2′s, and 17/18′s also play in their second…while the 14-1′s and 16-2′s make their 2015 tournament debut!  It’s an exciting time to play for the Storm!

(1/6/15) Second half of fees are due!  A reminder to those who have not paid the second half of their yearly dues, they should be paid by this Sunday, January 11th.  Checks should be sent to:
Lakeshore Storm Volleyball Club
c/o Ken Mischler, Treasurer
3418 Fleetcrest Court
Manitowoc, WI 54220

The second half of the dues for the 12′s is $145…and everyone else is $200.

(1/5/15) It was a great beginning to the year as all teams who played this weekend took home multiple wins with several teams competing in gold brackets.  The weather made for a rough beginning to the day, but, the Lakeshore Storm girls across the board made the most of their trip competing at a very high level.  The first weekend of tournaments always brings out some of the best teams to play against and our girls represented very well.  Go to each team’s tournament schedule/results for specific match scores and tournament results.

(1/3/15) Now that all teams will have their uniforms this weekendit would be a perfect opportunity to take your official Team Picture for the year (either at your tournament or at practice).  Once they are sent to me, I’ll load them onto the respective Team Roster page(s).  Coaches should also verify that the jersey numbers match what is listed on the roster.

(1/1/15) Happy New Year from everyone at the Lakeshore Storm!  The new year will begin in a perfect fashion as five Lakeshore Storm teams will be playing in their first tournaments this coming weekend.  The 17/18′s play on Saturday while the 13-1′s, 14-2′s, 15-1′s, and 15-2′s all play on Sunday.  Stay tuned in this weekend for their results.