Scrimmage Sunday schedule coming in next few days…

(12/5/16) Expect both the Scrimmage match schedule and parent work schedule to be released by either Wednesday Evening or Thursday morning.  We are still hoping to fill a few team spots at several ages.

(11/30/16) Looking forward to Scrimmage Sunday On December 11th, the Lakeshore Storm will be hosting our third annual event that will involve Storm teams and numerous other Clubs from around the area.  We are hoping for another good turnout as teams and coaches use the live scrimmages as a great way to get ready for January’s tournaments.  For more information, click SCRIMMAGE SUNDAY.

(11/25/16) Thanks to Jerry Baeckman, Ken Mischler, and Pam Erickson who spent about five hours of their Thanksgiving evening huddled around a bunch of computers as we officially put in for tournaments for the 2017 volleyball season.  We entered our final tournament a little after 1am last night and need to wait for verification of registrations…but, it appears we were among the first Clubs to register!  It is the behind the scenes work like this that make the Lakeshore Storm Volleyball Club so successful.

(11/22/16) The next few weeks of practices have been posted.  Each team should be watching the “practice” portion of their Team’s page for specific times.

Practices began last Sunday and will continue again this Sunday.  Teams will continue to get ready as Scrimmage Sunday is only a few weeks away!

(11/20/16) The 2016-17 season officially kicks off today!  Ten Lakeshore Storm teams will be beginning practice today at JFK in Manitowoc.  Players are reminded about several things today:

*Commitment Sheet – Coaches will be signing up for tournaments this week.  They need to know when you are and are NOT available.
*Check for season fee – Players must bring a minimum of 1/2 their season dues and turn it into Ken Mischler (the other 1/2 is due January 15).  Check should be made out to “Lakeshore Storm VBC”.
*Try on a uniform!  When you arrive at practice, make sure you try on a uniform and tell the sizing to a Board member sitting at the booth.
*Bring you heart and desire – You are amongst an elite group of athletes that made teams this year.  We expect all our athletes to play hard during both practices and games….that begins today!

(11/19/16) REMINDER!  All players need to go back into their Webpoint account and name Lakeshore Storm as your club of choice.  You will then have to pay the additional $40 to upgrade to a “full membership” instead of just a tryout membership.  This should be done BEFORE practice tomorrow!

(11/15/16) PRACTICE TIMES ANNOUNCED!  As we put the finishing touches on our rosters for the 2016-17 season, we are releasing the practice schedule for this coming Sunday, November 20th.  All practices will be at JFK Fieldhouse and it will be broken down into a morning and afternoon schedule.

MORNING SESSION  (13Blue, 15Blue, 15White, 16Blue, 16White)
***Bring Commitment Sheets!***
10:30am-11:00am: Uniform try on…you’ll try on uniforms and tell size to a Board member
10:30am-11:00am: Turn in payment for season (a MINIMUM of 1/2 of the season fee is required)
11:00am-1:20pm: Practice
1:20pm-1:30pm: Parent Meeting

AFTERNOON SESSION  (12Blue, 13White, 14Blue, 14White, 18Blue)
***Bring Commitment Sheets!***
1:00pm-1:30pm: Uniform try on…you’ll try on uniforms and tell size to a Board member
1:00pm-1:30pm: Turn in payment for season (a MINIMUM of 1/2 of the season fee is required)
1:30pm-3:50pm: Practice
3:50pm-4:00pm: Parent Meeting

All practice times are now on each team’s practice page.

We had a great tryout session today with some of the better talent we’ve seen at tryouts in some time.  Coaches will be offering positions over the next bunch of days….practice begins next Sunday!

(11/14/16) Why does it take so long to finalize teams?  That’s a common question we have to answer immediately after tryouts.  Basically, each situation is different, however, it is dependent on WHEN girls commit or decline to a Storm team.  Each coach will have a list of girls they want to call…and that process can be stopped when girls choose to put a decision “on hold”.  Players have the right to do so (as per Badger Region rules), however, those decisions are what typically causes delays in the system.  We still are committed, as a club, to trying to get the best team(s) assembled at each age level…and do so as quickly as possible.  Stay tuned as team rosters are posted when coaches receive verbal confirmation from their whole team.

(11/13/16) Thank you to the 170+ girls that showed up and tried out for the Lakeshore Storm Volleyball Club today.  We had some great talent at every level which made picking teams very difficult.  However, coaches are coordinating on their lists and will be making calls over the next few days.  NOT ALL calls are able to be made right away, so as difficult as it may be, we ask for patience.  Great effort today by all girls!

***TRYOUTS are today!
For specific information regarding tryouts (paperwork, fees, time(s) of the sessions etc.), please go to the 2016-17 TRYOUTS link for more information.

IMPORTANT!  If you plan on trying out in an “off-session” (for example: a 14′s player trying out in the afternoon session), please let Matt Berg know PRIOR to tryouts.

Remember to bring $25 tryout fee (cash or check), be signed up through Webpoint, and have your paperwork in order.  Go to the 2016-17 TRYOUTS link for more information or if you have other questions.

(11/10/16) Nearly 100 girls showed up in two different gyms for one final practice before Sunday’s tryouts.  If this is any indication, we should have a big, big day Sunday.  Thank you to Paulette Franz, Dave Reigels, Katie Baeckman, and (of course) Jerry Baeckman for giving the girls a workout!

(11/6/16) This coming Wednesday, we will be having TWO open gyms, one again held at UW Manitowoc (from 6:15pm-8:15pm) for girls planning to go out for the 14′s (or older) and the other at Clarkbridge Hall (from 6:00pm-8:00pm) for girls planning on going out for 12′s or 13′s.  We’re opening BOTH gyms in an effort to alleviate the massive turnout that we had (and are expecting again).  We love to see the girls coming out and are looking forward to tryouts!

(11/4/16) COACHES MEETING SUNDAY-  The Lakeshore Storm will be having a coaches meeting on Sunday at 6:30pm at the Manitowoc Public School District office.  At the meeting, we’ll talk about possible coaching assignments, requirements for the upcoming year, and the outlook for the 2016-17 club volleyball season, in general.  Coaches that cannot make it should let the Board know beforehand, if possible.

(11/3/16) HUGE TURNOUT!  We had a huge turnout last night with more than 80 girls from age 11 to 18 participating in our open gym at UW Manitowoc.  We got some great live play in and as girls worked on their skills  Stay tuned to next week where we’ll have one last open gym on Wednesday, November 9th (also planned from 6:15pm-8:15pm)….we are also looking to add one more venue to the evening (at Clarkbridge Hall in Manitowoc) to help accommodate such large numbers.  Great job ladies and thank you parents for bringing your daughters!  We are looking forward to next week and a great tryouts on November 13th!

(10/31/16) The first open gym to help girls get ready for tryouts will be THIS Wednesday, November 2nd from 6:15pm – 8:15pm at UW Manitowoc located at 705 Viebahn Street in Manitowoc.  This is open to any girls who are anticipating going out for the Lakeshore Storm on November 13th.  We will have two courts open.  The UW-Manitowoc gym is located in the back parking lot, building to the WEST, look for signs on the doors.


*November 2nd, 2016: Open Gym at UW Manitowoc 6:15pm – 8:15pm
*November 6th, 2016: Lakeshore Storm coaches meeting 6:30pm at MPSD
*November 9th, 2016: Open Gym at UW Manitowoc 6:15pm – 8:15pm
*November 13th, 2016: TRYOUTS!  12, 14, 16…morning session.  13, 15, 17/18…afternoon session (both at JFK Fieldhouse in Manitowoc)

(10/28/16) PICKING TEAMS IS A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT…..The process of picking teams during and after tryouts is always a challenging task.  Knowing this, the Lakeshore Storm approaches the evaluation process of those participating at tryouts very seriously.  Parents and players should understand that teams are picked from a collaborative effort among numerous coaches at tryouts.  This is also a necessity because we don’t know the final make-up of a team prior to tryouts and we(and our coaches) have to operate under certain restrictions set by the WIAA.  Therefore, we often are not able to “assign” coaches to age groups until after tryouts (when we know which girls are on what team).

After tryouts are over, a team of coaches will meet, share with each other their opinions and impressions of each player, and then come to a consensus on which girls would like to be offered positions.  At that point, the Club will solidify coaching positions per WIAA rules and calls will be made.

We have the utmost confidence in our coaching staff and know they always have the best interests of the players first and foremost in their mind.  We are extremely excited for a great 23rd year for the Lakeshore Storm (2016-17 PROMOTIONAL FLYER) and are looking forward to tryouts on November 13th!

(10/25/16) Excellent turnout at the parents/players informational meeting as we laid out the expectations for this upcoming club season and answered questions.  The slideshow that was reviewed is posted here: 2016/17 Lakeshore Storm SLIDESHOW.  Some dates to be watching for:

*November 2nd, 2016: Open Gym at UW Manitowoc 6:15pm – 8:15pm
*November 6th, 2016: Lakeshore Storm coaches meeting 6:30pm at MPSD
*November 9th, 2016: Open Gym at UW Manitowoc 6:15pm – 8:15pm
*November 13th, 2016: TRYOUTS!  12, 14, 16…morning session.  13, 15, 17/18…afternoon session (both at JFK Fieldhouse in Manitowoc)

(10/23/16) A Parent/Player informational meeting will be held today, Sunday, October 23rd at Manitowoc Wilson Auditorium beginning at 12:30pm.  Will be a very brief overview of what is expected this upcoming season and what will be expected of players.  It is NOT a mandatory meeting, but, can be helpful for parents and players new to the Club system.  Hope to see you there!


(10/7/16) WATCH FOR OPEN GYMS!  Notice to all potential Lakeshore Storm players that we will be conducting several open gyms in the upcoming weeks to prep for tryouts on November 13th.  Dates and location to be announced later.  Open gyms will largely be focused on live play….

(9/26/16)Storm kicks off in less than one month!

REMINDER to all that the initial parent/player meeting for the upcoming 2016-17 Lakeshore Storm volleyball season is set to occur on OCTOBER 23rd from 12:30pm – 1:30pm.  It will be held in the auditorium at Manitowoc Wilson (doors will be open at 12:15pm).  This is NOT a mandatory meeting, however, we’ll be going over information pertinent for the upcoming season.  It is strongly encouraged for parents and players new to club.

(9/18/16) The Lakeshore Storm is set to kick off its 2016-17 season next month on October 23rd when we will have the annual parent and player meeting for those looking for more information on the Club and upcoming season.  We are fully expecting this season to be one of biggest of recent memory as we have expanded into school districts all around the area.  That expansion will yield even more competitive teams this year.

In addition, all prospective Storm players should be watching the website for several “open gyms” that will be offered in preparations for tryouts on November 13th.

(8/14/16) The Board got together several weeks ago to review the 2015-16 season and establish some key dates for the upcoming 2016-17 season.  We had a wildly successful 15-16 season, with one of the best collective winning percentages in Club history.  From the discussion and comments we’ve heard in the off-season, we’re predicting the 16-17 to be even bigger and even better.  We are fully preparing for bigger numbers at tryouts and even more competitive teams.  “The Lakeshore Storm is committed to providing the opportunities to our players to get as many touches on a volleyball during the season and help them grow as volleyball players.”  Club President Matt Berg said.  “We believe we can accomplish this and still keep our fees among the most competitive in the area.  We have an incredibly dedicated coaching staff who is are all there for the right reasons.”

Tentative dates for the 2016-17 Lakeshore Storm volleyball season:
*October 23, 2016: Parent and Player Orientation
*November 13, 2016: Tryouts for all ages
*December 11, 2016: Host third annual “Scrimmage Sunday”
*January/February, 2017: Lakeshore Storm Camp
*January 29, 2017: Host tournament for 12′s, 14′s, 16′s
*March 5, 2017: Host tournament for 13′s, 15′s, 17′s and 18′s

(6/11/16) After reflection on a wildly successful past season, we are looking forward to turning the page to the next volleyball season as the Board will be meeting in July to discuss anything pertinent to the Lakeshore Storm and upcoming volleyball year.  We have had a great run the least few years and look to build on that momentum.  However, we’re still looking to build and improve to make the experience playing for the Lakeshore Storm a memorable one for all players.  Stay tuned as any information is posted here.  Thanks to the work of the girls participating and the support of their parents, the ‘Lakeshore Storm’ name is becoming synonymous with success across the state.