Lakeshore Storm Board to meet in July

(6/20/15) The Board of Directors for the Lakeshore Storm will be meeting sometime in July.  On the agenda will be review of the previous season and setting the schedule for the 2015-16 season set to begin later this year.  Stay tuned as any pertinent information is posted.

A reminder to all Lakeshore Storm players that the off-season time is vital to competing during the season.  That can be done attending camps or simply working on your own.  What’s important is that the work gets done.

“It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”  – Paul “Bear” Bryant

*Above are a few memories from this past January……

(5/9/15) Now that we’ve had several weeks to reflect on an incredible 2015 volleyball season, our hopes are even higher for next season.  However, that is going to mean Storm players put in the work during the off season…including attendance at some of the exception volleyball camps around the area.  One of the best camps is offered by the Manitowoc Ships head coach (and our 14-1′s coach), Mary Beth Dixon.  Click here for the entry form:

Manitowoc Ships Volleyball Academy

The off season is where good players become great players.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to move your game to that next level!

(4/19/15) In what seems to be a fitting ending to an incredible 2015 season (for the team and Club), the 14-1′s won 5 straight and took home their fourth Championship in Oshkosh on Saturday.  They finished with an amazing 39 victories on the year and competed for six championships.

Here are a few other statistics to solidify just how successful 2015 was for the Lakeshore Storm on the court:

*An overall winning percentage of 66% (15% better than last year)
*An accumulation of 215 total match victories (73 more than last year)
*13 tournament championships won by 6 different teams (5 more than last year)
*8 different teams competed for 25 tournament championships (8 more than last year)
*4 teams medaled at Badger Region with 6 making medal rounds
*1 Badger Region Champion and one 2nd Place finish
*Most Lakeshore Storm teams finished HIGHER than their original seeding at Badger Region

As good as the 2014-15 season was, we look forward to next November when it starts all over again.  Thanks to all coaches for their dedication….all players for their will and desire to improve….and, of course, all parents for which this success would not be possible if it weren’t for your support.