Parent/Player Informational meeting!

(10/19/16) A Parent/Player informational meeting will be held this Sunday, October 23rd at Manitowoc Wilson Auditorium beginning at 12:30pm.  Will be a very brief overview of what is expected this upcoming season and what will be expected of players.  It is NOT a mandatory meeting, but, can be helpful for parents and players new to the Club system.  Hope to see you there!


(10/7/16) WATCH FOR OPEN GYMS!  Notice to all potential Lakeshore Storm players that we will be conducting several open gyms in the upcoming weeks to prep for tryouts on November 13th.  Dates and location to be announced later.  Open gyms will largely be focused on live play….

(9/26/16)Storm kicks off in less than one month!

REMINDER to all that the initial parent/player meeting for the upcoming 2016-17 Lakeshore Storm volleyball season is set to occur on OCTOBER 23rd from 12:30pm – 1:30pm.  It will be held in the auditorium at Manitowoc Wilson (doors will be open at 12:15pm).  This is NOT a mandatory meeting, however, we’ll be going over information pertinent for the upcoming season.  It is strongly encouraged for parents and players new to club.

The Lakeshore Storm had a tremendous 2015-16 season and are looking forward to an even better 2016-17!  Stay tuned as any volleyball information is posted here.

(9/18/16) The Lakeshore Storm is set to kick off its 2016-17 season next month on October 23rd when we will have the annual parent and player meeting for those looking for more information on the Club and upcoming season.  We are fully expecting this season to be one of biggest of recent memory as we have expanded into school districts all around the area.  That expansion will yield even more competitive teams this year.

In addition, all prospective Storm players should be watching the website for several “open gyms” that will be offered in preparations for tryouts on November 13th.

(8/14/16) The Board got together several weeks ago to review the 2015-16 season and establish some key dates for the upcoming 2016-17 season.  We had a wildly successful 15-16 season, with one of the best collective winning percentages in Club history.  From the discussion and comments we’ve heard in the off-season, we’re predicting the 16-17 to be even bigger and even better.  We are fully preparing for bigger numbers at tryouts and even more competitive teams.  “The Lakeshore Storm is committed to providing the opportunities to our players to get as many touches on a volleyball during the season and help them grow as volleyball players.”  Club President Matt Berg said.  “We believe we can accomplish this and still keep our fees among the most competitive in the area.  We have an incredibly dedicated coaching staff who is are all there for the right reasons.”

Tentative dates for the 2016-17 Lakeshore Storm volleyball season:
*October 23, 2016: Parent and Player Orientation
*November 13, 2016: Tryouts for all ages
*December 11, 2016: Host third annual “Scrimmage Sunday”
*January/February, 2017: Lakeshore Storm Camp
*January 29, 2017: Host tournament for 12′s, 14′s, 16′s
*March 5, 2017: Host tournament for 13′s, 15′s, 17′s and 18′s

(6/11/16) After reflection on a wildly successful past season, we are looking forward to turning the page to the next volleyball season as the Board will be meeting in July to discuss anything pertinent to the Lakeshore Storm and upcoming volleyball year.  We have had a great run the least few years and look to build on that momentum.  However, we’re still looking to build and improve to make the experience playing for the Lakeshore Storm a memorable one for all players.  Stay tuned as any information is posted here.  Thanks to the work of the girls participating and the support of their parents, the ‘Lakeshore Storm’ name is becoming synonymous with success across the state.

(4/18/16) The 15-1′s won 11 of 12 sets on Sunday in Oshkosh and finished with their 6th title of the season and a jaw-dropping 44-3 record for the 2016 Club season.  It was a perfect finish to nearly flawless season.  Congratulations players and coaches!

(4/4/16) The 14-1′s went into Sunday’s final tournament on a hot streak…and that streak continued as they mowed over the competition winning 10 of 11 sets played and sweeping all five matches.  It was the second Gold Medal for the 14-1′s this season and they finish the year with an incredible 28-7 overall record and playing their best volleyball of the year.  Congratulations to Coach Dixon and Coach Maedke and to all players on a fantastic season!

(3/31/16) The Lakeshore Storm made its mark in different ways in Milwaukee at this year’s Badger Region Championships.  Once again, Jenny (sister of Brenda Schneider representing the 13-1′s and 15-2′s) dropped some jaws by giving a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem on Sunday Morning.  In addition to that, Mike Nichols was also noted and pictured in this week’s Badger Beacon through Badger Region regarding his heroics helping out during a match at the Championships!

Great work Storm family!

(3/21/16) Though no Lakeshore Storm teams walked away with hardware at the Badger Region Championships, teams fared incredibly well with the 13-1′s, 14-1′s, and 15-1′s all making the quarterfinals of the Gold Bracket.  That is no small feat given the 13-1′s finished 5-1 and 5th overall out of 48 teams, the 14-1′s finished 6-1 and 5th out of 62 teams, and the 15-1′s went 5-1 and finished 5th out of 50 teams.

In addition, the 12-1′s played extremely well winning several matches making the Bronze Bracket.  The 14-2′s won their final three matches on Sunday evening and the 15-2′s also won three matches both finishing strong.  In total, Storm teams won 24 matches this weekend and did an incredible job representing the club and Manitowoc volleyball.  Great job ladies and coaches!

(3/17/16) The first wave of Badger Region Championships are now in the books with the second wave coming this weekend.  CLICK HERE for this weekend’s Badger Region Championship schedule for the 12-1′s, 13-1′s, 14-1′s, 14-2′s, 15-1′s, and 15-2′s.

(3/7/16) The 15-1′s took care of business yesterday as they blew through the competition and won their fourth gold medal of the 2016 season.  All Lakeshore Storm teams made the Gold Bracket with the 18-1′s taking home the Silver.  Go to each team’s schedule/scores page for results.

Thank you to all parents who were extremely helpful as we experienced one of our biggest turnouts yet for one of our home tournaments!

(3/2/16) A whirlwind will begin this coming weekend some of the girls’ most important matches of the season will be played.  This Saturday, the 15-1′s will be in Menasha looking to qualify for Nationals at several bid levels.  On Sunday, we’ll be having our last home tournament of the season at the JFK Fieldhouse in Manitowoc.  Then, the Badger Region Championships are being held in Milwaukee…for the 16′s, 17′s, and 18′s on March 12th/13th and  12′s, 13′s, 14′s, and 15′s on March 19th/20th.  Time to shine as all the hard work coaches and players have put in this season is put to the test.

(2/29/16) Lakeshore Storm teams performed great across the state as the 16-1′s took home their third GOLD medal of the 2016 season and the 13-1′s and 14-1′s took home the SILVER in very competitive tournaments.  The 17-1′s went 3-1 on their way to a strong 3rd Place finish, as well.  All girls are doing a tremendous job hitting the home stretch leading to the Badger Region Championships in a few weeks.

(2/22/16) Thank you to all of the 2016 Lakeshore Storm Campers for participating this year!  It was very well attended and it appears we have a lot of future Storm club players in the making!  Thank you also to the Stacy, John, and any other great coaches who helped out and made the camp what it is.

(2/22/16) We are only two weeks away from our final home tournament of the 2016 season as the 13-1′s15-1′s15-2′s17-1′sand 18-1′s all play at home on March 6th.  Stay tuned for more information regarding scheduling.

(2/19/16) We have a BIG weekend this weekend as seven Lakeshore Storm teams will be in action across the state.  On Saturday, the 18-1′s will be in Kenosha as they compete with the best teams in the state trying to qualify for Nationals.  On Sunday, six teams will be competing as the 12-1′s will be in Green Bay, the 15-1′s and 15-2′s will be in Whitewater, the 14-2′s and 16-1′s will be in Oshkosh, and the 16-2′s will be in Pleasant Prairie.  A big weekend as we start gearing up for the last stretch of the 2016 season and the Badger Region Championships coming up in three weeks.

(2/15/16) Both the 13-1′s and 14-1′s performed extremely well this past Sunday in Waukesha and Menasha (respectively).  Both teams went 3-1 with their one loss coming in three sets in the Gold Bracket semi-finals.  Each week gets better as the Storm gears up for a final big push before Badger Region Championships next month.

(2/11/16) Three teams will be in action this coming weekend on Valentines Day…..the 13-1′s will be traveling to Waukesha to play in the Penguin Pals Tournament while the 16-2′s will be in Fond du Lac.  The 14-1′s will be in Menasha competing with 23 other top tier teams in what should prove to be a great challenge for them.  Good luck to all ladies…go STORM!

Reminder to other Storm teams that they will be practicing at Roncalli High School this weekend!  Check your practice schedule!

(2/9/16) The 17-1′s won three matches this past weekend taking third place at Center Court in Waukesha.  It was a good showing!

(2/6/16) A lighter weekend this weekend as the 17-1′s take the floor today and the 14-2′s do so tomorrow.  Both will be playing in Waukesha at Center Court.  Good luck ladies!

(2/2/16) An ENORMOUS ‘thank you’ goes out to all Board members and Parentswho pitched in this past weekend to make the first Lakeshore Storm tournament a resounding success.  There were a lot of people in and out of both JFK and Washington and the only reason it worked was because so many lent a helpful hand.  Great work by everyone and we look forward to doing it again in 5 weeks!

(2/1/16) It was a huge weekend for the Lakeshore Storm as the 14-1′s15-1′s, and 16-1′s all won championships while the 12-1′s and 15-1′s (in their second tournament of the weekend) won second place medals.  All five places were added to this year’s Medalist List.  In addition, the 13-1′s and 14-2′s took third in very strong showings.  The 16-2′salso played their best tournament thusfar by winning the silver bracket.  The 15-2′s won several matches and competed very closely in a few others.  Out of state in Minnesota, the 18-1′s won five matches and placed 6th out of 32 teams…a very solid showing!  Outstanding effort by girls and coaches and its a sure sign of more to come!  All scores have now been posted…stay tuned as any submitted pictures are posted, as well.

(1/31/16) First serve of the LAKESHORE STORM I Home Tournament is whistled in at 8am this morning as the 14′s and 16′s host at Manitowoc Lincoln and the 12′s host at Manitowoc Washington.  We’ll have 26 teams playing on 7 different courts… here for ALL schedules or go to the link in the menu bar.

(1/26/16) The 13-1′s had a strong showing on Sunday as they went 3-1 and took third place in Pleasant Prairie.  Click here for set scores.

(1/23/16) The Lakeshore Storm I Tournament is only one week away as 26 teams will play on seven different courts at Manitowoc Lincoln and Washington.  Click here for ALL schedules or go to the link in the13-1 menu bar.

(1/22/16) It will be a weekend for some of the younger teams as the 12-1′s play in their first tournament of the season, the 13-1′s try to tack on another championship to their ledger, and the 14-2′s build on their solid play from a few weeks ago.  Let’s hope all three are added to this season’s Medalist List!

(1/19/16) TRUE HEROICS….There are times in our lives where events we experience truly keep things in perspective.  Typically, on the website, we focus on our daughters (of course) and their efforts given all the work they put in playing for the Storm.  However, Sunday was a bit different.  While the 18-1′s were down in Illinois, a gentleman whose daughter was participating in the event collapsed and stopped breathing.  Two parents of our 18-1′s team jumped into action and administered CPR.  After their efforts and hundreds of chest compressions, he was able to be revived and now received the medical attention needed.  They, quite literally, saved the man’s life.  So today after the tournaments for the weekend are over, we know in this world a wife still has her husband….a daughter still has her father; because of the actions of these parents.  It is a story typically left for television….but, this time, it actually happened.

They not only represented our club with dignity, they represented Badger Region and the State of Wisconsin, as well.  It is truly an honor to have parents like this involved with our club. (This story was copy and pasted into the ‘Badger Beacon’ which is the Badger Region newsletter circulated around the state!)

(1/14/16) If you have NOT paid your entire fee for the 2015-16 Lakeshore Storm season, make sure you do so!  Click here to find where to send the check.

(1/14/16) The busiest weekend of the season thusfar will be happening this Sunday as seven Lakeshore Storm teams take the floor.  The 13-1′s and 16-2′s will be playing in their first tournament of the season, while the 14-1′s15-1′s15-2′s, and 17-1′s will all be in action.  The 18-1′s will be playing TWO tournaments…one on Saturday and one on Sunday (their first out of state venture).  It’s going to be an exciting weekend!

(1/11/16) The 16-1′s became the second Lakeshore Storm team to be crowned ‘Champion’ on Sunday and add their name to the 2016 Medalist List!  Great team play and perseverance helped them overcome a match defeat earlier in the tournament to take home the Gold.  Great job players and coaches!  Also in action this weekend, the 15-2′s on Saturday and 18-1′s on Sunday won multiple matches en route to a third place finish.  The 17-1′s also took home a victory and showed signs of some very good things that are to come.

(1/7/16) More Storm teams begin their tournament season this coming weekend.  On Saturday, the 15-2′s will be headed to Waukesha, while on Sunday the 16-1′s and 17-1′s will be taking the court for the first time this season.  The 18-1′s will be looking to build on last Sunday’s action as they play their second tournament of the season….the 16-1′s, 17-1′s, and 18-1′s will all be in Berlin.

(1/5/16) 14-1′s take home a SILVER!  The 14-1′s won their first four matches of the tournament before falling in a close three setter of the Championship in UW Oshkosh.  Their second place finish earned a spot on the 2016 Medalist List!  Also in action, the 18-1′s went 3-1 en route to a third place finish while the 14-2′s rode a strong finish and 2 hard fought wins and earned a third place finish, as well.  Every Storm team who played this weekend made it to the Gold bracket…great job ladies and coaches!

(1/3/16) 15-1′s take home the GOLD!  In the very first tournament of the 2016 season, Jerry Baeckman and the 15-1′s went a perfect 5-0  and took home the Gold earning their position on the 2016 Medalist List.  Great job coaches and girls!