14-1′s take 2nd out of 60 teams!

(4/15/15) Check out the Lakeshore Storm team pictures on the Badger Region website!  Congrats again Storm players and coaches!

(4/12/15) In an unbelievable weekend for the Lakeshore Storm, the 17/18′s won a few key tiebreakers and 6 matches overall as they take home the Gold in the 18′s Club Division at the Badger Region Championship.

Also, in an incredible achievement, the 14-1′s won 7 matches over the weekend and played a grueling Championship match that went back and forth for three sets.  They came up just shy losing the last set 14-16, but, wound up taking an unbelievable 2nd overall out of 60 teams participating at the 14′s Club level.

The 12-1′s and 14-2′s also played extremely well, both placing higher than their original seedings and both taking home 4 match victories a piece.  The 12-1′s placed 6th overall out of 26 teams while the 14-2′s just came up shy in the Bronze Championship taking 22nd out of 60 teams.

In Pleasant Prairie, the 15-1′s also finished the season strong finishing first amongst the 15′s teams and 3rd overall.

*The 14-1′s had an outstanding 2015 season culminated in 7 match victories at the Badger Region Championships and finishing an unbelievable 2nd out of 60 tournament teams.

*The 17/18′s have accumulated over 30 match victories this year and in a fitting ending….wins it all at the Badger Region Championships!  Unbelievable accomplishment girls and Coach Yang!

(4/2/15) All’s quiet on the Storm front this weekend as no tournaments are scheduled.  However, the next week of preparation will be important as five Lakeshore Storm teams look forward to the Badger Region Championships on April 11th/12th in Milwaukee.  The 12-1′s, 14-1′s, 14-2′s, 17-1′s, and 17/18′s will all be heading to the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee for their final tournament of the season.  Also that weekend, the 15-1′s will be playing their last tournament of the season in Pleasant Prairie.

(3/30/15) The 16-1′s played some extremely stiff competition in their last tournament of the season but rallied to complete their 2014-15 season with a match win.  On the year, the 16-1′s won two tournaments and took second in another.

(3/23/15) The 13-1′s won three more matches on Sunday, two in the afternoon taking home a bronze medal to finish the 2014-15 season on a positive note.  The 13-1′s finished with 19 match victories on the year taking home two medals.

Three other Storm teams were in action, including the 15-1′s who also medaled….taking home a silver medal in a 16′s level tournament…an outstanding achievement.  The 15-1′s have one more tournament remaining coming up in three weeks in Pleasant Prairie.

(3/20/15) Sadly, the inevitable must occur with the 2014-15 Storm volleyball season coming to a close over the next month or so.  However, we have already surpassed the success (as a club) of last season with our Medal Count at 21 and an increase winning percentage of about 20 percentage points.  Plus, we still have four weeks of tournaments remaining….so, as a club, let’s run up the score and keep stock piling those medals!

This coming Sunday, the 13-1′s and 16-2′s will be playing their final tournament(s) of the season….both already are on the 2015 Medalist List hoping to etch their name one more time.  Also in action are the 15-1′s and 17-1′s as their season continues.

(3/16/15) The 14-1′s took home their third Gold Medal of the 2015 season this past Sunday sweeping all five matches they played.  The 17/18′s took home their 6th straight tournament medal with a Silver Medal in Pleasant Prairie.  In Milwaukee, five teams were playing at the first weekend of the Badger Region Championships.  All Lakeshore Storm teams took home multiple victories at the Championships competing versus the elite teams across the state.  Both the 13-1′s and 15-1′s made it to the Silver Medal Bracket both finishing in the top 15 of the entire tournament….a spectacular achievement.   Go to each team’s tournament schedule/results page for final results.

(3/12/15) Badger Region just released the seedings and match schedule for the Badger Region Championships this coming weekend.  Storm teams across the board got some high seedings indicating recognition of what the girls and coaches have done this year!

(3/9/15) Badger Region Championships are this weekend!  It is hard to believe, but, the first session of the Badger Region Championships are this coming weekend.  The 13-1′s, 15-1′s, 15-2′s, 16-1′s, and 16-2′s will be lacing them up in the Milwaukee Area for the biggest tournament of the season.

Click to go to a link directly from Badger Region with important information regarding the upcoming BADGER REGION TOURNAMENT!

(3/10/15) This past Sunday, both the 14-1′s and 17/18′s played in extremely competitive tournaments both taking home a silver medal.  The 17/18′s lost a tough three setter in the championship match while the 14-1′s won five matches before dropping a tough one in the championship as they took second place out of 16 teams.  Another great showing by the Lakeshore Storm as our medal count now stands at 19 for the season!

(3/3/15) A huge weekend for the Storm came to a conclusion yesterday as 7 different teams had their names added to the 2015 Medalist List.  At home, the 15-1′s had very few problems winning all 10 sets they played taking home their second championship of the season.  In Pleasant Prairie, the 16-1′s beat the Lakeshore Storm 16-2′s for their second championship of 2015.  The 12-1′s made the most of their second tournament of the season as they came home with the gold medal, as well.  In addition to the 16-2′s taking home a silver medal, the 13-1′s, 17-1′s, and 17/18′s all competed in a championship match and competed at a very high level.

Congratulations to all girls and coaches on an extremely successful weekend!  Our Lakeshore Storm medal count has already surpassed the total we amassed in 2014 and we have six weekends of tournaments left!  It’s been a great season to be part of the Lakeshore Storm!  To date, an astounding 8 Lakeshore Storm teams have played championship matches in 2015 with 6 taking home the gold.  Unbelievable.

(3/3/15) A big ‘thank you’ goes out to all parents who helped and made yesterday’s tournament come off with very few (if any) glitches.  An extra special thanks goes to Linda Lutzke (15-1′s parent) who stepped in and coordinated the concessions for the day.  Without parents’ participation, an event like yesterday’s would be impossible!

(2/23/15) One of our biggest weekends of the year is upcoming with ALL 10 Lakeshore Storm teams in tournament action on Saturday or Sunday.  We will be hosting our second and final home tournament on Sunday at the Lincoln Field House for the 13-1′s, 15-1′s, 15-2′s, 17-1′s, and 17/18′s.  The remainder of the teams will be scattered around the state from Fond du Lac to Pleasant Prairie on Saturday and Sunday.  Stay tuned as scores and pictures are posted as they are reported.  We’ve already nearly matched last year’s total for championship medals…let’s see if we can surpass that amount this weekend!

(2/16/15) The Lakeshore Storm had a great weekend by adding several teams to the 2015 MEDALIST LIST in tournaments played.  The 15-1′s won their first title of the season by going 5-0 in Kewaunee (waiting for pictures) while the 16-1′s took home a silver medal and went 4-1.  In addition, the 14-1′s and 15-2′s combined teams and took home three victories winning the Silver Bracket in the 15′s tournament in Kewaunee on Saturday.  On Sunday, the entire 15-2′s team won two matches in pool play making the Gold Bracket before losing a tough match and taking 3rd place overall.  Great job coaches and ladies!

We’ll post the 17-1′s results from Saturday as soon as they are submitted.

(2/11/15) The Lakeshore Storm Volleyball Club is off to an incredible start the first six weeks of tournament play already banking six tournament championships, one tournament runner-up, and a multitude of silver-bracket wins.  Thusfar, the club has amassed over 80 match victories already with an overall winning percentage of nearly 70%…..a truly astounding achievement.  All credit goes to the girls across the board for their fantastic effort and the dedication of coaches at all levels.  Congratulations to all and let’s make the next nine weeks even better!

(2/9/15) In the only tournament action of the weekend, the 16-2′s represented extremely well and were the fourth different Lakeshore Storm team to be added to the 2015 MEDALIST LIST for sixth time in 2015!  Three hard-fought 3 setters in addition to a final game victory 30-28 in the championship match sealed a perfect 5-0 day as they they take home the gold for the first time in 2015.  Outstanding work ladies and coaches!

(2/2/15) The term ‘Storm’ took on multiple meanings this past weekend, but, most importantly it meant multiple championships, including several defending home turf in the Lakeshore Storm’s first tournament of 2015 at Lincoln High School.  Three teams this weekend made the season’s 2015 MEDALIST LIST!  First, the 17/18′s traveled to Waukesha for a two day event and went undefeated 6-0 taking home their second championship of 2015.  The 14-1′s remained undefeated for the season as they went 5-0 en route to their second championship in Manitowoc.  The 16-1′s had to scrape and claw, but, in the end wound up winning a championship match 3rd set 17-15 for their first championship of the season.

The 13-1′s, 14-2′s, 16-2′s, and 15-2′s were also all in action this past weekend.  All teams took home multiple match victories and represented the club extremely well.  In total, Storm teams won three championships and 25 of the 33 matches played this weekend….not a bad few days work!