“Shared Practice” sessions continue tonight

(12/18/14) Shared Practice sessions continue tonight……Practice sessions during the week began last evening at Clarkbridge Hall in Manitowoc.  Each session is open to several teams to sign up and share the court for certain blocks of time.  As of this morning, the 13-1′s will be practicing in Block #3 for tonight.

*Lakeshore Storm teams participated in the first ever “Scrimmage Sunday” on December 14th!  It was a big day for the Lakeshore Storm VBC…

(12/15/14) The first ever “Scrimmage Sunday” hosted by the Lakeshore Storm was a resounding success and, most importantly, helped prepare our teams for tournament play that is set to begin in three weeks.  Nine of the Lakeshore Storm teams participated in the event that also included 16 teams from various clubs from around the area.  A big ‘thank you’ goes out to the Board members that made the event so successful, the parents who signed up and worked at the door or in the concession stand, and to the visiting teams for their participation. We definitely envision this being an annual event for the Storm and expect with a few tweaks, next year’s will be even better.

(12/11/14) The concept of “Shared Practice sessions” was introduced to the coaches this morning.  For more information on what opportunities they give to coaches, players, and teams in general, please click here.  We also now have a page dedicated to shared practices on our menu bar.

(12/8/14) The scrimmage schedule for this Sunday has now been released.  Go to the Scrimmage Sunday page above for both a printable version and other information, as well.  We are extremely excited to host the first time event and we appreciate other clubs taking part.  Looking forward to a tremendous Sunday!

(12/7/14) The vast majority of teams’ tournaments have been accepted and posted under each age groups’ “Tournament Schedule” page.  There are still a few clubs that haven’t verified placement at this point (for any of their tournaments) and those are listed as “pending”.  It should also be understood that there may be coaches still looking for tournaments…so each list(s) could change slightly.  NOTE:  There have been a few venues that have cancelled their tournaments!  Stay tuned whether or not it affects your schedule.

(12/2/14) Looking forward to the 14th!  We’re less than a few weeks from our first Scrimmage Sunday.  We’re hoping to get as many clubs from around the area to participate.  Given we’re still taking teams in this week, the schedule will be out early next week.  If we don’t get enough teams to participate at a given age level….we will schedule regular Sunday practice for them.